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Fast Shipping!
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Candlelier 3 Candle Hanging/Tabletop Lantern & Cooker by UCO

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Product Description

The environmentally-friendly UCO Candlelier Lantern is ideal for home use yet rugged enough for backcountry applications. Try it for patio dining, family picnics, household use during power outages, backpacking, car and RV camping or even as a stove! Relax with a UCO Candlelier Lantern and enjoy the warm ambiance it creates wherever it goes. It is bright enough for most activities and is extremely quiet.

And what could be easier to use? No batteries to check or replace. No combustible liquids or explosive gases. No bulbs or mantles to break. No complicated starting procedures. Plus, unlike butane/propane lanterns, battery-operated lanterns or gasoline lanterns, the UCO Candlelier Lantern is quiet, reliable, easy to use, extremely affordable, free of flammable liquids or gases and creates minimal impact to the environment and landfills.

The brightest candle lantern available has a warm glow that's quiet and dependable. No batteries, no liquid or explosive gas fuel, no bulbs or mantles. The UCO Candlelier is a 3 candle lantern. Unique spring loaded candle tube keeps flame height constant, while a small viewing window shows remaining candle life to preclude unpleasant surprises. The exclusive UCO candle was developed with specific wick size and wax formula to burn clean for up to nine hours and to resist hot weather melt down. The wax in other candles melts at a lower temperature, causing burning problems such as wax dripping, flare ups, and meltdowns. Other candles generally have a shorter burn time as well. The heat shield on the top provides a stove like surface to boil small amounts of water, melt snow, or keep foods warm. The lantern is 8 inches high, 4 inches wide and weighs 21 oz. with 3 candles. Candle lanterns cost less to operate than other outdoor lights. Candle lanterns cost around $.09 per hour to burn, flashlights and head lamps cost between $.025 and $.50 per hour. Gas lanterns generally cost more than $.50 per hour to operate, and require regular mantle replacements which raises their cost of operation even higher. Candle lanterns are one of the most weight efficient light sources in the back country. A UCO candle weighs less than 2 oz. And burns for 9 hours. Batteries for a flashlight weigh more, usually don't last as long, and suffer from reduced performance in cold conditions. Lifetime parts warranty.

3 Candles at Once that will provide warmth, Light and you can even Cook. The Candlelier Lantern is bright enough for most any situation, and yet as versatile and practical as it is charming this is one lantern that won’t collect dust. The heat shield provides a stove surface to cook your dinner, boil water or just radiate heat. Unique feature allows three candles to keep flame height constant.

Each candle burns up to nine hours. Height 8" x 4" weight with 3 candles 21 oz. Available in blue,