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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.
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Flents Maxi Mask High Filtration Efficiency Particulate Mask, Box of 5 Masks

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

The Flents High Filtration Efficiency Maxi Mask protects against non-toxic dust, powders, pollen and other common airborne irritants. Ideal for sweeping, sanding, jogging, raking, hiking and dozens of other practical uses.

Filters out:

Filters out Germs
Latex Free
Soft, odorless, non-irritating
Easy to breath through
Also Protects against frigid winter air

Contains Five Surgical Grade Masks.


1. Cup the Maxi MaskŪ under the chin with the metal nosepiece up.
2. Pull the headband around the back of the head and position for best fit.
3. Press the flexible metal nosepiece to fit snugly around the nose.


The Maxi Mask should not be used for toxic or hazardous air contaminants, such as paint spray, asbestos, silica, cotton or other toxic dusts, viruses, gases, fumes and vapors. Replace mask if breathing becomes more difficult from prior usage.