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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.
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Gamma Seal Bucket & Lid 3 pack

Price: $45.00

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

The Preparedness Industries Gamma Seal bucket package is a great way to start or increase your current Prep Storage. Get Three Buckets and Three Gamma seal lids at one great package price. Pick your Bucket Color and we will include a Gamma seal Lid with each Bucket. (Lid colors will vary based on current inventory) Gamma Seal Lids are an industry leader in secure, safe food storage and the FDA approved buckets at Preparedness industries are fantastic FDA Approved food storage containers.

The 5-gallon plastic bucket and food storage pails that we sale are available in many color options. These five plastic buckets are the best choice FDA approved plastic buckets for sale to use for your food storage containers, emergency supply storage containers, bulk food storage buckets and food storage pails. We have easy access gamma seal screw top plastic bucket lids that convert these buckets to a weatherproof, watertight storage container. We also offer standard watertight snap on bucket lids that are great for long term storage and for use with our five gallon plastic buckets and food grade storage pails. Our buckets and pails come with handles for ease in carrying.

Not your average big box store bucket!

These are FDA approved (except for black) and can be sterilized and frozen without adverse effects!

BPA-Free Plastic

Excellent disaster preparedness item!

The Gamma SealŪ Screw Top Bucket Lid is a BPA-free, FDA approved food safe, watertight, resealable closure designed to transform a typical plastic bucket to create a patented sealing system to protect the contents from exposure to the environment. Plastic buckets can be used for years with our unique resealable Gamma lid. The Gamma SealŪ is an easy opening, airtight, pest-proof pail lid. An environmentally friendly solution. The Gamma SealŪ Lid does not require cutting tools or lid removers to open. It's removed with a gentle turn of the wrist. Simply twist-on or twist-off. No more broken finger nails or scraped knuckles. Great for every day use and long-term storage needs. The Airtight, Resealable Solution!