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Fast Shipping!
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Heated Fleece Head Piece has Three Pockets for 10 Hour Warmers

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Product Description

The headpiece is designed for the serious hunter or outdoor enthusiast to prevent them from becoming cold in the most extreme cold weather conditions. Headpiece is one the most versatile warming accessories. The key ingredient to this product's anticipated success is the integrated design. The micro-fleece material is a soft/warm combination with a special two-layer fabric over the mouth area to trap moisture away from the skin.

The stretchiness in the material and the elastic siding in front of the ears gives the hunter the ability to quickly and easily pull the Headpiece back over the head or around the neck. This feature allows the hunter to wear this in multiple positions. Choose Black or Mossy Oak Camouflage.

Protect the entire head & face - Pockets for 10 hour replaceable warmers - Includes 1 pair of mini size warmers.

About our heated clothing:

Our line of Heated gloves, heated mittens, heated headbands, heated back warmers, heated socks, heated vest, heated jackets and kidney belts are the best on the market and exceed everything that has been available to date! They work much better than electric battery heated gloves and socks, there are no heavy batteries to tote around or replace or wires to worry about. Safety Centralís line of heated clothing works well even in the coolest of temperatures. Our hand and glove warmers have helped cold hands suffers live life to the fullest and have been used by those with poor circulation and with Raynaud's syndrome. Our heated clothing accessories can start to radiate heat in just a few minutes to your feet, toes, hands, fingers, wrist, back and head in all weather conditions and last for hours. Safety Centralís line of heated clothing will provide the therapeutic warmth and cozy feeling you want and need and are suitable for most anyone, anywhere, anytime!

These natural ingredient instant warmers are powered by Air. These warmers are easy to use and are odorless. Each package contains two warmers. These instant warmers contain natural ingredients of iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal and vermiculite react together when exposed to air to produce long-lasting warmth.

Soft Breathable Fleece
Pockets on top of head, on chest and on back to Hold Replaceable Warmers
Includes 2 Free Warmers For Pockets
Smooth Itch-Free Lycra Binding
Smooth Flat-Lock Stitching

Air activated instantly
Provides up to 10 hours of heat
Disposable warmers come packaged in pairs
Safe, nontoxic, nonflammable
Contain all natural ingredients

utility workers
hikers & climbers
construction workers
boaters & sailors
Ice Skaters
office workers
runners and joggers
sports fans
senior citizens
those with poor circulation
people with Raynaud's syndrome


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Snow Boarding
Ice Hockey
Bird Watching
Football Games