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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.
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Heated Snowgloves Warm Hands with Replaceable 10 hour Hand Warmers

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Product Description


Better and lighter than battery powered gloves that only keep hands from freezing but offer no real warming like our heated gloves do; you'll see the difference immediatelty and never have to replace or carry bulky and heavy batteries again!

Features include zipper opening on back of glove to insert hand warmer providing a continual warm flow of heat to your fingers and hands. Thinsulate hydrophobic-hydrophilic inner glove liner. We recommend purchasing our 10 hour hand & glove warmers to get you started and get you through all your outdoor adventures. 10 Hour replaceable Hand & Glove warmers sold separately .

Protect hands from frostbite and the chill of winter. hikers, skiers, ice skaters, hunters, fishermen, bicyclists, cross country skiers, or just about anybody who enjoys winter sports will appreciate these heated gloves. Once tried users will never again want to endure the cold outdoors without these special Heated Gloves.

Heats fingers and hands!
Heats better than electric battery heated gloves
No heavy batteries to tote around
Suitable for anyone! anywhere! anytime!
Warms with replaceable handwarmers Provides 10 hours of continuous warmth
Replaceable, disposable handwarmers come packaged in pairs
Hand warmers are perfectly sized for gloves & pockets
Mini Hand & Glove warmers can be purchased from us anytime!

Glove & Handwarmer Features

Air activated instantly
Provides up to 10 hours of heat
Disposable warmers come packaged in pairs
Safe, nontoxic, nonflammable
Contain all natural ingredients

utility workers
hikers & climbers
construction workers
boaters & sailors
office workers
runners and joggers
sports fans
senior citizens
those with poor circulation
people with Raynaud's syndrome

Heated Gloves are sized for men. Women can use chart below for approximate sizing.

Men Sizes:

Mens Small/Black - Womens Medium/Black
Mens Medium/Black - Womens Large/Black
Mens Large/Black - Womens XXLarge/Black
Mens Xlarge/Black - Womens XXXLarge/Black