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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.
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Heated Heavy Wool Blend Socks 3- pair with Warmers

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Product Description

3 pair Packs of Heated Wool Blend Socks. great for all cold weather conditions

These merino wool blend socks provide extra warmth for hunters or anyone who spends an extended amount of time outside in the cold. Ultimate heated Socks provide enhanced protection for extreme cold weather. The heavy duty socks also have a secret pocket sewn on the toe to hold a warmer. Comes with a pair of warmers. Ideal for all your cold-weather activities.

Socks with disposable warmer packs (two included) deliver an average heat of approximately 100° F for up to six hours. And since they are crafted from a marino wool blend you can use these versatile socks without the heat packs for a superior combination of warmth and comfort.

How to use the Heat FactoryŽ Foot Warmers:

Remove the foot warmers from the outer protective wrapper and shake it to mix and activate the contents.

Slip the foot warmers inside the pocket of the socks.

After use, dispose the foot warmers as you would other environmentally safe debris

Works better than electric battery operated socks
No heavy batteries to tote around
Socks includes (2) 6 hour replaceable foot warmers
Air activated instantly, odorless, all natural
Heats feet within minutes
Sewn pocket hold foot warmer in place
Color: Gray with black trim

utility workers
hikers & climbers
construction workers
boaters & sailors
office workers
runners and joggers
sports fans
senior citizens
those with poor circulation
people with Raynaud's syndrome

Choose your sock size below

(9-11) Women sock size = 5.1/2 - 10.1/2
(9-11) Men sock size = 4.1/2 - 8

(10-13) Women sock size = 11 - 12
(10-13) Men sock size = 8.1/2 - 12.1/2

Product Warning:

Heat FactoryŽ foot Warmer insert should be placed in the elastic pouch on the top of the sock.

Heat FactoryŽ Foot Warmer insert are the only warmers recommended for use with the heated socks by Heat FactoryŽ. Use of any other warmer may result in excessively high temperatures that could result in burns.

Young children, people with sensitive skin or reduced sensation to heat should not use. Diabetics and the elderly should consult a physician before using the Heat FactoryŽ Foot Warmer inserts.

Do not wear the heated socks, with warmer inserts in place to bed. Should the temperature of the warmer become uncomfortably hot, remove immediately. As with any other heating product extreme care should be taken to ensure that damage to the skin does not occur.