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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.
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Heated Utility Work Gloves Use Disposable 10 Hour Warmers to Warm Hands

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Product Description

Insulated utility work gloves have 2 pockets that hold disposable Heat Factory 10 hour Warmers. The first pocket of the heated work gloves is under the palm and keeps the bottom of the hand warm. The other pocket of the heated gloves is over the back of the palm to keep the back of the hand and fingers warm.

Construction workers, landscapers, warehouse workers or anyone that works in the outdoors or in a cold environment can benefit from using these warming utility work gloves. Just place one of our disposable 10 hour glove warmers in the special pocket and keep your hands warm all day! Purchase additional glove warmers and always have them available day or night. Heated Utility Work glove with Safety Cuff. Choose Brown/Gray or Yellow/Black. Size: Large or Extra Large.

Reinforced Patch Palm
Durable Knuckle Strap
Pocket for Glove Warmers
Elastic Strap for a Perfect Fit
Soft Thinsulate Insulation Lining
2.5" Safety Cuff to Protect Wrist
Use with or without 10 Hour Glove Warmers