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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.
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AQUASEAL® MAP SEAL® Provides Protective Barrier for Paper

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Product Description

What It Does:

Map Seal® is a high polymer coating that protects maps from the ravages of weather and time by encasing them in a permanent waterproof, clear and flexible film. Maps treated with Map Seal® can be folded and unfolded repeatedly without fear of tearing the map. This environmentally friendly, water based product is very effective and easy to use.

NOTHING penetrates Map Seal's protective barrier. Documents remain unchanged for years - Trip after trip.

Map Sealed charts, papers and maps can be folded and creased time and time again without cracking or tearing. Map Seal actually forms a "polymer hinge" that works with and for the paper, not against it. Map Seal actually absorbs the seam stress during bending and folding, instead of the paper. The end result is a document that can be folded and unfolded hundreds of times with out damage, tearing or falling apart...Rain or shine, snowfall or desert heat.

Recommended For Use On:

All types of paper maps, nautical charts, and many other paper products. Think topos, road maps, trail charts, marine charts, blue prints, lab documents, important papers, recipe cards...

Action Uses:

Hiking, hunting, boating, kayaking, traveling, construction, etc.

MAP SEAL® 4 fl. oz.