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Fast Shipping!
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Nordic Gear™ Lectra Sox® Wader Style Battery Heated Socks

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Product Description

Wader style heated Lectra socks work the same as our boot style heated socks except provide enough wire to the battery pack to comfortably attach to your pants belt inside waders.

The Lectra Sox® by Nordic Gear™ were originally designed for commercial fishermen of the Northern Atlantic

Perfect winter warming accessory for those who work and play in the great outdoors. If previous arctic expedition members would have had these socks available to them they may have never had to suffer the wrath of frostbite!

Flyfishing foot warmers, fisherman sock warmers, battery powered heating socks, heated battery socks, battery powered sock heaters are the perfect choice for all fisherman to help keep your feet from the freezing cols of river and lake fishing.


Uses "D" cell alkaline or rechargeable batteries (alkalines last 5-6 hours, rechargeables last 2-3 hours) The heating element is safely buried in a channel located in the toe area. Invisible to the wearer, the heating element is designed to warm the toe cavity, thus keeping the toes and feet warm. (The wire down the leg does not heat) The Lectra Sox® are extremely safe. Low amperage eleminates all possibility of shock or burn, even when wet Extra cushioning in the sole It is advised that the socks be hand laundered and air- or towel-dried

Sock content: 36% Virgin Wool, 33% Winter Acrylic, 22% Hollofil® Polyester, 9% Nylon

Battery Information:

Use only "D" cell Alkaline or rechargeable batteries. New "D" cell Alkaline batteries will last 5-6 hours. Fully charged "D" cell rechargeable batteries will last 2-3 hours.


Insert the battery into the pouch with the positive (+) terminal towards the wrist. The positive (+) terminal must fit into the connection when the pouch is closed. (see diagram).

To Turn On: Snap the pouch closed to activate the heat. To Turn Off: Un-snap the pouch. Remove batteries from the pouch when not in use and before storing.


X-Small 5-6½
Small 7-8½
Medium 9-10½
Large 11-13

X-Small 6-8
Small 8½-10
Medium 10½-12

** Lectra Sox should not be used by diabetics or person with extreme circulatory problems.

** Please, be advised that you might not feel much warmth at the toe where the heating wire is located, in a moderate environment. The localized warmth will keep the feet from cold and freezing temperatures in severe cold weather.