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Fast Shipping!
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Extreme Weather Fleece Lined Balaclavas to Keep the Cold Out

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

Fleece lined, non-bulky design, lightweight. Single opening made to cover head, neck, mouth, ears, and nose. Use a Balaclavas to keep you warm on the coldest of nights. Essential for cold winter travels. Neck portion is cut long to extend into jacket. Adjustable eye slot. 100% polypropylene with fleece lining. These Balaclavas match our extreme weather Gaitors. Choose black, Desert Tan or olive drab.

Better than a scarf because there are no loose ends to get caught on something. Essential for cold winter travels. Don't leave home with out it. The multi-function balaclavas can be used for all sorts of protection to provide coverage and warmth where you need it. An essential piece of clothing gear for outdoor recreation and survival.

No where is clothing more important than in an extremely cold climate such as incountered in the snow as with skiing, snowboading and snowstorms.

Providing good insulation and protection from the elements is not difficult. What is more difficult is being able to provide protection from the elements while maintaining mobility, the ability to work in comfort while maintaing warmth around the neck and face. The head and neck warming balacavas is also very comfortable to wear, lightweight and looks great, ideal for outdoor activities when cold and inclement weather demands high performance outer protection. That this head and neck fleece lined protective garment is simply the best product on the market, it offers the best features, the most versatility, and superior quality.