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Fast Shipping!
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Cabinet Door Latch for Earthquake Safety, Choose White, Brown or Black

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Product Description

Do you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes? You can easily protect your dishes and glassware from shattering all over the floor by securing your kitchen cabinets against earthquakes. Earthquake resistant cabinet door latches.

Why Use a Latch to Secure Cabinets for Earthquakes? The catch will catch the latch like so in the event that the earthquake throws dishes and other items inside the cabinet against the cabinet door. Anyone who has experienced an earthquake first hand or seen one on television understands the power of this natural disaster, and the massive property damage that can ensue.

Used by many to secure cabinets for safety in the event of Earthquakes or just for convenience of use, these safety latches have the holding power of 8.8 lbs. (4 kg).

These latches are easily and quickly installed in most all cabinet configuration. Once installed, it is left permanently in place for the life of the cabinet with virtually no maintenance or thought required.

During an earthquake, rapid motions cause unsecured contents within cabinets to shift. Cabinet doors may spontaneously open, causing loss of contents. Personal injury may result from projectiles or broken glass, crystal and china. Keeps cabinets doors closed. Install on cabinet, closet and cupboard doors.

Simple to install. A simple push is all it takes to open and close a cabinet door with this incredible cabinet latch. Helps keep items in your cabinets during earthquakes. Designed for wide range of uses-from cupboards to china cabinets. Color selection: Black, Brown, White to match household color designs.

Each cabinet latch comes complete with mounting screws.

Simply push to open and push to close cabinet doors with these incredibly strong cabinet latches. Unlike magnetic latches, these earthquake safety latches strongly resist being pulled open. Bumpy motions won't jar the door open if you're using the Safe Push Touch Latch. Push to open it.

Glassware should receive "positive locking" cabinet latches in order to prevent a potential disaster in a seismological event.

Our latches have a locking mechanism that will not allow the cabinet door to open unless the mechanism is triggered by a pulling or pushing action. These latches have proven to be the most user friendly since they do not require a series of motions like child safety latches.

Designed for a wide range of uses - from cupboards to china cabinets. Earthquake Cabinet Latch (Touch Latch)

These Safety Latches keep cabinet doors closed tight. Itís easy to use yet provides a secure lock. Its touch latch design enables the cabinet door to pop out when the door is pushed in. The latch comes with screws needed for easy installation.

Each cabinet latch is non-magnetic and operated by a simply push touch, making it ideal as a childproofing and earthquake safety product. These cabinet safety latches feature a small jaws push catch mechanism that prevents a young child from being able to open the cabinet door. Great child safety kitchen latch.

You must take the necessary steps to protect your families safety and security and decrease your potential for loss of life and property in the event of an major earthquake. Evaluate your home or office today for potential earthquake hazards.