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Fast Shipping!
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Quake Secure™ Earthquake Putty - Super Stick Formula

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Product Description

Quake Secure™ Earthquake Putty - Super Stick Formula

Secure Your Valuables from Breaking Due to Earthquakes, kids, pets, & Common Mishaps in Your Home or Business!

Quake Secure is an incredible putty adhesive with amaxing holding power that holds objects down tightly (like collectibles) or sticks things up (like pictures). You can use it to keep things in place so they won't fall and break during an earthquake. You can also use it to hold up pictures, posters and signs instead of using pushpins, tacks or tape. Quake Secure is non-toxic, clean and safe for children's use. It lasts 10 years and it is reusable. It does not remove paint, is safe for fine finishes and it is easily removed when needed. Our super stick formula is very pliable and it holds it's sticky properties for a long time. It is an essential aid for Teachers, Collectors, RV Owners, Homeowners, Business Owners and Photographers.

Great for Holding Down Collectables, Knick-Knacks, Crystal & Figurines.
Prevents item from Falling off Shelves & Breaking or Causing Injury.
Easy to use! Sticks to most Surfaces.
Won't Damage Fine Finishes.
Super Stick Putty Formula
Clean, Safe & Non-Toxic.

It's an EARTHQUAKE Putty!
Quake Secure Holds Objects Down Tightly! Try it on your china, collectibles, or those objects on the shelf above your head. It also works great on heavier items, such as trophies, pictures, lamps, calculators, phones, computers, monitors and typewriters. Quake Secure will help keep it in place - so you won't get hit by falling objects in an earthquake. It will protect those valuable collectibles and knickknacks from everyday accidents and mishaps. Use it in conjunction with traditional picture hangers to help keep pictures tight against the wall. Imagine never having to straighten another picture again.

Quake Secure Sticks Things Up! Use it in place of pushpins, tacks or tape. It is removable and reusable and it won't dry out. Great for posters, decorations, calendars, maps, paintings, cards, signs, pictures and displays. Teachers Love It For Their Classrooms! Quake Secure is a teacher's best friend because it can help you decorate your classroom with ease. Put your classroom bulletin board together in a snap and say goodbye to unsightly tape marks, and dangerous staples, tacks and pushpins. It is easily removed and reused over and over again. For all you parents, now you can put up your kids posters easily and keep your walls free from holes and ugly tape marks. It keeps your posters free from holes too!

Are there other uses for Quake Secure?
Yes! Use it hang up party decorations, clean dirty keyboards and phones, remove lint from clothing, hold objects in place for still photography, hold toy train tracks together and keep shoe lifts from moving. Protect your household knickknacks from rambunctious kids and pets. Once you try it, you'll find many more ways to use it! Quake Secure has literally hundreds of uses so have some on hand when you least expect it. Buy enough to for your home, office and RV, and then pick some up for your friends as well. They’ll thank you for it.

3.68 oz. Net Wt.

What Exactly is Quake Secure?

Quake Secure is a soft pliable, putty-like substance similar to "silly putty" - only stickier. It can be used to hold down objects tightly (like collectibles) or stick things up (like pictures and posters). It comes in a flat 3.68 ounce size package which measures 4 inches wide by 6 inches long and about 1/8 of an inch thick.

Does it damage fine wood finishes?
No! It works on pianos, oak, antique wood, etc., anything with a good finish or varnish. It is not recommended for untreated wood. It will not leave a residue and it can easily be removed and reused.

Can it be used in china cabinets?
Yes! Plus many other common household surfaces like glass, porcelain, tile, metal and more.

How long will it last?
In the package, indefinitely. In use, at least 10 years.

Is Quake Secure Putty removable?
Yes! Over and over again. It stays tacky through dust and dirt. Simply twist the object at the base to remove.

Does Quake Secure Putty dry out or melt?
No! It retains its strong adhesive power even in wet or dry conditions! Quake Secure will not melt, but it works best when it is not subjected to extreme heat or direct sunlight.

How much does one package do?
It depends on the size and weight of the object you are securing. The more you use, the more weight it will hold. For paper or posters, pea sized pieces in each corner is all you need. If you are using it to keep pictures fast to the wall, use marble size pieces in each corner. One package contains enough putty for approximately 15 glasses or small figurines. One package will also secure one computer and monitor system. For objects with a large base, use large pieces of Quake Secure spaced evenly around the base. You can even roll it into a long worm and then circle it around the base.

Does it lift off paint?
No! Unless the surface is old and flaky. Do not use on drywall, plaster or wallpaper, porous or wet surfaces.

Does it stain?
No! Unless surface is absorbent, i.e. unglazed or unpainted pottery, newspaper or untreated wood.

Is it safe for children and pets?
Yes! It is Non-toxic, contains no hazardous substances & will not damage your skin. Environmentally safe too!

How much weight will it hold?
Weight varies depending on the base size of the object. It is not intended to hang objects heavier than 6 ozs. or large top-heavy objects. When hanging heavy objects, you should always use the appropriate mounting device, and apply Quake Secure as an additional level of support. You can secure computers and monitors, fax machines, etc. with no problem. The more you use, the better it holds.