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Fast Shipping!
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ReadyQwik Deluxe Auto Emergency Tote Kit

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

The ReadyQwik™ Deluxe Auto Emergency Tote Kit is a personal-sized survival package that supports one person for up to two days. Each ReadyQwik™ Deluxe Auto Emergency Tote Kit includes a "space blanket", plus a two-day supply of food and water. Easily stored in a classroom, locker, desk, or car, the compact ReadyQwik™ Deluxe Auto Emergency Tote Kit can be used anywhere. Compare to the Super Ark III but better quality components. ReadyQwik™ Deluxe Auto Emergency Tote Kit makes an excellent gift for friends, co-workers,loved ones or for someone that thinks they already have everything -- and it might save their life. The water and food bars have up to 5-year shelf life and will withstand extreme temperature ranges (-40F to +300F). Weight: three Pounds

Plan for your safety during an emergency. You've probably heard the old saying "Expect the Unexpected". Most Disaster Assistance Plans developed by both civilian organizations and municipalities usually take about 3 days or more to get underway and begin giving assistance to those in need. That means that there is a good chance that you will have to be able to sustain yourself and your family or business for at least a few days after a major disaster or an emergency. Remember Noah built the ark before it rained! not after. BE PREPARED!

ReadyQwik™ Deluxe Auto Emergency Tote Kit contains the essential life saving supplies needed for human survival in the event of an emergency situation. By design this life saving kit has additional room for you to add personal items.

(1) 3600 Calorie Food Ration
(6) Purified Drinking Water Rations
(1) Reflective Thermal Blanket
(2) 12 Hour Chemical Light Stick
(1) First Aid Kit
(2) 10 Hour Handwarmers
(1) Emergency Candle
(1) Box of Waterproof Matches
(1) 7" x 15" Nylon Storage Bag with Cord Lock (Assorted Colors)

We hope that it will never happen to you, your family, or your business. But should a natural disaster or terrorist attack strike your area, there will be time before the Red Cross or FEMA can come in and offer assistance. Worse yet, it may be three days before someone finds you under what used to be your home. And once they do, they'll have to prioritize. The elderly and the injured will be receiving help first. How will you and your family survive without food or water?

You can survive without food for about 4 days just sitting, but without water you may only last hours. A 72 Hour Kit can extend those numbers by up to ten fold. You may look at television footage of disasters - tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires, - and feel comforted by the presence of the Red Cross. You see them handing out blankets and medical personnel giving aid and you wonder why we would emphasize the need for emergency survival kits. You may think "This could never happen to me," or "The Red Cross will take care of us." But the truth is watch those same news stories and count how many people are reportedly found alive after 72 hours.