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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.
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ReadyQwik Shelter In Place Premium Survival Support System - 5 Person

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

Shelter In Place Premium Emergency Support System - 5 Person

The Ultimate - Complete Survival Support System by ReadyQwik™

Contains enough supplies to support 5 people for 3-5 days.

(5) Screw Top Container - Packed with Emergency Survival Supplies - Waterproof
(1) Screw Top Container - Battery Powered Solar Heated Shower Kit - Waterproof
(1) Screw Top Container - Stow-A-Potty Toilet Kit - Waterproof


The ReadyQwik Shelter In Place Emergency Support System is a Stackable, Complete Personal Support System. When a major crisis strikes (it will) - When the power goes out (it will), when the toilets won't flush (they won't), when the shower won't work, (It won't), when you are forced to shelter-in-place or go to an encampment (you will be), this emergency survival system will go a long ways towards supporting you.

Plan for your safety during an emergency. You've probably heard the old saying "Expect the Unexpected".

Most Disaster Assistance Plans developed by both civilian organizations and municipalities usually take about 3 days or more to get underway and begin giving assistance to those in need. That means that there is a good chance that you will have to be able to sustain yourself and your family or business for at least a few days after a major disaster or an emergency. BE PREPARED!

Join the hundreds of schools, apartment owners, renters, hotels, motels and small offices who have purchased our Emergency Modules for their preparedness programs. these kits by their design are made to be placed just about anywhere and are stackable and weather-proof. They offer a quick and easy way for anyone to be prepared.

This kit, like all our emergency kits, contain practical and real life products that will help keep you safe when a disaster strikes. Ideal for those that travel through or live in earthquake, hurricane, tornado and heavy snow areas.

Businesses have a unique situation at hand when it comes to disaster preparedness. As a business owner you are responsible for the well-being of your employees and customers when they are on your property. Whether it be an office building, shopping mall or restaurant, you have a responsibility to protect employees and customers against known risks.

If your business is located in an area where earthquakes are known to occur, they are condsidered a "foreseeable and known condition". Damages and injuries resulting from an earthquake striking your place of business are also "foreseeable". As such, your business can be held liable due to your inability to prepare for such an event.

Terrorism and natural disasters forces us to make a choice. We can be afraid or, we can be ready!

We have recently added a few new items to this kit to help protect you from airborne viruses like the Flu and SARS.

Food bars and water ration packets have a shelf life of up to five years.

Freeze Dried Food can be store for 25 years if kept in sealed containers as provided in the ReadyQwik System.

ReadyQwik System Contents:

(5) Survival Supplies Bucket Kit
(1) Battery Powered Solar Shower Kit
(1) Stow-A-Potty Toilet Kit
(180) Purified Water Pouches
(60) Freeze Dried Meals
(10) 3600 Calorie Food Rations
(1) 5-Person Dome Tent
(5) Knitted Caps
(1) D-Cell Flashlight w/Batteries
(10) D-Cell Batteries
(8) 12 Hour Chemical Lightsticks
(1) Extra Large Deluxe First Aid Kit
(5) Sanitation Supply Kits
(2) 3 Survival Candles
(2) Box Waterproof Matches
(1) Candle Cook Stove w/Candle
(4) Additional Stove Candle
(5) Deluxe Thermal Reflective Blanket
(5) Emergency Ponchos
(1) 50-Foot Cord
(5) Drinking & Cooking Cups
(3) Water Purification Kit
(4) Water Storage Bags
(15) 18-Hour Hand & Body Heat Packs
(1) Large Roll Plastic Sheeting
(1) 13-Function Knife
(4) Roll of Duct Tape
(5) Reusable Camp Towel
(48)Toilet Waste Liner Bags
(5) Whistles w/Lanyard
(5) Set of Utensils
(1) Can Opener
(1) AM/FM Radio w/ Batteries
(5) Pair of Work Gloves
(15) N95 Respirator Masks
(5) Indirectly Vented Anti-Fog Safety Goggles