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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.
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StrapTRAC Wall™ Office Equipment Fastening Strap Kit, Model 4314

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Product Description

Copiers and other large equipment are a potential hazard during an earthquake. The steel plate strap with 3M adhesive is attached to the equipment. The other end is secured to a wall stud. This is done on both sides of the equipment. A steel buckle is used for adjustment and to disconnect the equipment from the wall. The straps can be adjusted so the equipment can be as far away as 4 feet from the wall. Choose Black or Gray

Kit Contains:

(2) Straps using a steel plate with 3M VHB adhesive on one end with steel gromments on the other.
(2) Adjustable aluminum buckles
(2) Lag Screws
(2) Flat Washers
(2) Alcohol Pads
(1) Instructions

MFG Model 4314

Safety Central can Supply your home and business with the strongest earthquake fastening devices available today.

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These products are essential for securing furniture and electronics to wall studs and entertainment centers so in the event of an major earthquake they don't become flying objects that can cause personal harm and property damage and could block emergency exits. Our user friendly fasteners offer easy installation to help you securely fasten any type of furniture, electronics and equipment to walls and structures.

You must take the necessary steps to protect your families safety and security and decrease your potential for loss of life and property in the event of an major earthquake. Evaluate your home or office today for potential earthquake hazards.