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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.
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Sure-Pak MRE's, Pallet of 48 Cases Fully Prepared Food Rations (Meals-Ready-to-Eat)

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

Sure-Pak MRE's, Pallet of 48 Cases Fully Prepared Food Rations (Meals-Ready-to-Eat)

Our Lastest Arrival of MRE Cases Now Contain an MRE Heater for Each Meal. In just 12 minutes - enjoy a hot meal anytime, anyplace

Please note: Due to the current increase in fuel cost we have increased our price on MRE's only to off-set our cost. Please keep in mind the our full case packs of 12 complete ready to eat meals contain an "FRH" MRE heater for each meal while many other companies MRE's do not offer heaters! Be assured that we offer only Factory-Fresh MRE meals and purchase directly from the manufacturer, so that you will get the longest storage life possible.

We Purchase Only Fresh MRE's in Large Quantities Directly from the Same Manufacturer That Supplies Our Armed Forces.

We now offer full pallet pricing to accomodate group, corporate and business purchasing.


Loaded Pallet Dimension: 51" Wide x 37" Long x 48" High

Once an order is placed a representative will contact you with shipping cost prior to shipping.
Freight transport charges will be asessed at time of shipment.
lowest possible freight cost will be charged.

Our Cases of MRE's Now Contain an MRE Heater for Each Meal.

12 Meals Per Case, plus 12 Flameless Ration Heaters (FRH).

Simply cut open the top of the FRH polybag sleeve, Place the MRE food portion inside the bag next to the heater. Add plain water to the "Fill Line", and fold the open end of the bag.

In just 12 minutes - enjoy a hot meal anytime, anyplace.

An FRH Flameless Ration Heater heats food without the need for fire - safely and quickly. FRH food heaters are used easily in situations where fire is prohibited or not recommended. The FRH is ideal for businesses, homes, campers, hunters, boaters and disaster relief and emergency preparedness.

An FRH MRE heater is small (measuring 5 1/2 inches long x 4 1/2 inches wide and about 3/8 inch thick), and weighs about one and a half ounces.

Designed for consumers to meet the needs for Emergency Preparedness, Camping, hiking and backpacking meals, business contingency planning, Global Wilderness Expeditions, and Disaster Relief Organizations such as FEMA and the Redcross.

MRE SURE-PAK 12™ FULLY PREPARED MEALS- 12 Meals Per Case x 48 Cases

Fully prepared MRE military type meals, ready to eat - hot when you have a few minutes, or cold when time or conditions don’t permit a fire. These field rations are the perfect solution for outdoorsmen, backpackers, rescue workers, and anyone who needs a fast way to have a nutritious meal without the delay of cooking. Mre Meals do not require refrigeration.

An essential part of any complete emergency food reserve system is it’s versatility MRE’s (Meal–Ready–To–Eat) are a great choice under almost any circumstance.

SURE-PAK 12 meal case was designed to meet the needs of the end user who requires a top-of-the-line, fully-configured MRE meal case. With 12 mains, 12 sides, 12 dessert packs, 12 crackers, 12 spreads, 12 beverages, 12 coffees — it’s the best MRE meal case we’ve ever carried for the general public.

MRE’s commonly known as U.S. Military field Rations and Meals Ready to Eat. MRE’s are now available to the civilian population. Mre’s are a self-contained fully prepared meal complete with entrée, side dish, drink mix, condiments, spread, crackers, desert, and accessory pack. “MRE's” “Meals Ready to Eat” require no cooking or water and can be eaten hot or cold. They have an amazing shelf life of 5-7 years (depending on storage temperature, it can be up to 12 years). Store them for emergencies, take them camping, hunting, canoeing, hiking and more! MRE’s are an excellent disaster relief solution when normal food service facilities are not available. MRE’s are a great food source for fire departments, FEMA, local emergency management agencies, american red cross and the civilian population, they provide a fast, safe and easy way to eat a meal anytime, anywhere!

MRE’s were originally developed for the U. S. Military and are now used worldwide as field meals for troops. Made for all weather conditions. Everything you need for a complete meal is contained within a heavy plastic sealed waterproof bag. No refrigeration, no cooking, no water and no preparation is needed. Each entree is pre-cooked and ready-to-eat at a moments notice, hot or cold and they’re delicious too! The secret of these meals long shelf life is that they are cooked in a flexible triple-layered, sealed foil pouch, which locks the foods natural flavors and nutrients in for 5 to 7 years or more when stored at room temperature. The outer tough polyester pouch protects against moisture, light and oxygen. The inner layer made of polypropylene, which is an inert barrier protects the food from tasting canned and act as a heat seal. Each entree is made to strict and exact military specs.

MRE Menu Choice: All the complete militsry type MRE meal packs come with an entree, side dish, dessert, crackers, cracker spread, beverage powder, spoon, & towelette. Examples of different main entrees in each pre-packed assorted menu case: Menu subject to change.

• Beef Ravioli in meat sauce
• Chicken breast with chunky salsa
• Chicken in thai sauce
• Beef Teriyaki with vegetables
• Pasta w/Vegetables in tomato sauce
• Pork In Jamaican Sauce w/Noddles
• Veggie Burger in BBQ sauce
• Chili Macaroni
• Beef Enchilada in sauce
• Pork rib, boneless with smoke flavor
• Beef Steak in mushroom gravy
• Vegetyable manicotti in tomato sauce
• Chesse tortellini in tomato sauce
• Roast beef with vegetables

Some menus may not be available at time of order and will be substituted. Assorted cases pre-packed only. Only new military specification MRE’s are sold by us. Beware of old previously issued military MRE’s at cheap prices! 12 assorted meals per case.

“Sure-Pak™ Emergency Meals” Nutritional Information: Main Entrees: 230 to 350 calories per serving (approx. 8 oz.) Desserts: 100 to 200 calories per serving (approx. 4 oz.) Beverage Powders: 50 calories per serving, 7 gm. (requires 6 oz. of water)

Sustained Storage Temperatures °F Estimated Shelf-life (in months)

120°..... 1
110°..... 5
100°.... 22
90°..... 55
85°..... 60
80°..... 76
75°..... 88
70°..... or less 100
60°..... or less 130+

The shelf life figures given above for Emergency Meals are based on studies conducted by the U.S. Army's Natick Research Laboratories. This study was conducted by Natick without participation of the Emergency Meal manufacturers. As such, SOPAKCO Packaging cannot verify the test procedures used by the Natick labs, nor do we adopt these shelf life figures as a guarantee of any sort. The data is useful, though, as a general indication of the effects of storage temperatures on the shelf life of Emergency Meal-type food products.