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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.
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Texsport® Portable Battery Powered Camping Shower

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Product Description

Texsport® battery powered portable camping shower with ergonomically designed shower head.

Portable battery powered camp shower makes washing dishes, filling water containers, rinsing gear. washing pets and water dispensing easy!

Bring the luxury of a clean shower with you on your next outdoor adventure or in the event of a disaster when traditional shower facilities may not be available. Simply submerge the suction head in water and switch it on. It's just that easy! You'll feel clean and refreshed in no time, anywhere!

The ultimate outdoor portable battery powered shower and washing water pump. Camping, boating, fishing or hiking; showering, camp clean-up or dishes; use it anywhere for anything, the Texsport® portable battery powered shower gives you instant water pressure at the flip of a switch. All you need to do is add HOT water and 4 D-cell batteries (not included). Just place the powerful pump head with 3 foot hose into any water source (lake, stream bucket or any portable water containers -and flip the power switch. Extra-long 6-ft. shower hose with on/off flow-control shower head. Water pump with clog-stopping debris filter.

A heated shower at the end of a long day outdoors is priceless. Our battery powered portable shower is compact enough to fit in your essential gear. Texsport® battery powered shower will deliver a spray to clean off the days dirt. Great powered shower to have available for all campers and hikers.

Texsport® portable shower provides a refreshing relief when camping, fishing, surfing, hiking, outdoor adventures, off-road, contruction work, expedtions, etc. Lightweight camping shower will offer an outdoor shower anytime, anywhere!

Portable - for camping, hunting, beach, etc.
Shower pump can be used in stream/lake
Use with any water container
Large, easy to locate On/Off switch
Ergonomically designed shower head
Waterproof battery case
Extra long 6 foot shower hose
3 foot suction hose
Operates on 4 D-cell batteries (not included)
Provides pressurized water on demand with on/off switch
Adjustable flow control at shower head

Texsport Shower Includes: Pump, battery pack (batteries not included), shower head, hook hanger and suction cup for mounting.


Suction head fits 2.1/4" diameter openings

Color: Green/Gray

The ultimate outdoor portable battery powered camp shower.