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Fast Shipping!
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Texsport Portable Folding Toilet with Steel Legs- Blowout Special

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Product Description

Texsport Portable Folding Toilet with Steel Legs - Blowout Inventory Reduction special

Folding toilet with steel legs is compact and lightweight. This toilet is small enough to go places other toilets canít. The unique seat design holds the bag right at the seat so a sanitary toilet is easy to maintain. The legs are made of heavy duty steel for safety and stability.

The Texsport folding toilet holds up to a 225 lb person. Great for emergency preparedness. Folds flat for easy storage. Great for camping, businesses preparedness, families, and situations where other facilities are not available. A serious preparedness item.

Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, camper, survivalist or off- roader, this folding Toilet is a great item for all outdoor and serious emergency preparedness enthusiasts. It's great to have on construction sites, traveling with kids, or at the beach. Anywhere you may need to go while on the go the folding Toilet is a must have item. With a folding Toilet, there is no more squatting in a bush, no more smelly unsanitary outhouses. Just line the folding Toilet with a heavy-duty sanitary waste bag as found in our toilets section. Simply attach a sanitary bag to this portable toilet's plastic seat with the easy to hold seat insert and the comfort of home is there when nature calls.

Natural disasters and power outages: When did your power last go out? Isnít the worst problem having no water to flush the toilet? With the easy to store, portable folding toilet, you will never have to worry if you can dare to use the toilet one more time or should you go outside in the woods. How wonderful to have a waterless toilet you can use as many time as you need.

Toilet kit comes with six heavy-duty bags.
Additional heavy-duty bags sold separately.

Folded Size: 19"H x 13.5"W x 1.75"D


Holds up to 225 lb. person
Snap-on Plastic Seat
Foldable Design
Tubular Steel Legs
Weight: 4 lbs