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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.
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Whistle & Waterproof Capsule Survival Companion Accessory

Price: $12.90

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

This anodized aluminum whistle and waterproof capsule combination is so lightweight you barely know your carrying them. Mini Pill Container can hold a few small pills or a few short wooden matches for an emergency. Excellent keychain accessory. A perfect yet unnoticable survival companion. Strap around your neck, to your life vest, to your pack or even your key chain. Comes with splint ring for attaching to just about anything. Matching color capsule and whistle.

Emergency Kits
Mini Pill Container
Survival Packs

Tube Whistle: Approx: 2.5"
Waterproof Capsule: Approx. 1.5"L x .5"Dia
Assorted Colors Only, Whistle & Capsule will match